Your Competitors are Innovating. Are you?

By Jonathan Bingham

Organizations are at a crossroads.  There’s business as usual and there’s data-driven innovation that lies ahead for large enterprises. Progressive organizations are taking a “bi-modal” approach to advancing their business into the data-driven age while still maintaining their core business. These are not quick technology-specific changes like the SaaS world handed us. In fact it is… View Article



A Culture of Camaraderie

By Andrew Wardwell

Agency life is a risky business. Every project’s success depends on a series of exchanges, between stakeholders, a project management team, a production team and more. Have you ever played telephone? Imagine communicating these technical requirements between players: “The purpose of the apply skin button is to save any changes the users has made to… View Article



Meet the Digitalians: Andrew Wardwell

By Kristen McCormick

In this installment of Meet the Digitalians, I get to know Andrew Wardwell, one of our Boston office front end developers. In addition to being a talented artist and humble comedian, Andrew’s got wisdom to share on working remotely, being part of a team, and learning from your mistakes. KM: How do you describe your… View Article

Janeiro Digital Selected as a 2016 MITX Awards Finalist

By Kristen McCormick On Apr 14

We are excited to announce our being selected as a finalist for the 20th Annual MITX Awards, held annually by the Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange. The awards recognize excellence in concepts and creations for marketing and technology developed in New England. Janeiro Digital’s Cadence Revenue System will be judged among other cutting-edge technology platforms… View Article

Cache Me If You Can: Benefits and Tradeoffs of Caching

By John Ediger On Mar 16

If you’ve spent any length of time managing a high-traffic website, you’ve inevitably heard of caching. For the uninitiated, caching is a method of storing the results of a complex operation for quick recall. It’s like having a cheat sheet of answers to complex math problems with a defined set of inputs. Every web page… View Article

Meet the Digitalians: Brian Staruk

By Kristen McCormick On Feb 19

In this installment of the Meet The Digitalians Series, I sit down with Brian Staruk, one of our front end developers who has colorful taste for both music and beer, and some great insights into working for a startup. Despite multiple attempts, I cannot get the nickname “Starstruck” to catch on.  Nevertheless, we all think he’s… View Article

Software Self Defense 101: Improving Your Technical Estimates

By Josh Collins On Feb 11

Estimates are a necessary evil in every development organization. You have to size work in order to plan projects, but ever-changing scope and priorities will throw off even your best estimates. Nothing is worse than telling your client that what was estimated to take Y weeks will now take Y++ weeks and what would cost… View Article

New Year, New You: A Guided Meditation on UX Optimization

By Tony Morelli On Feb 03

A great user experience is the product of skillfully balancing the utility of intuitive user interactions with a polished interface. How does one achieve such zen? Imagine you’ve just released an MVP for a B2C web application, which is accompanied by a marketing site for inbound customer acquisition and other e-commerce. User feedback in the… View Article

The Life of [A]PI: The evolving identity of the API, and how to leverage it for your business

By Matt Rossi On Jan 27

In its simplest form, an API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of programming instructions that allows one application or system to interact with another. The term used to be reserved for technologists that sat in a back room day and night, with a bottle of Visine and Mountain Dew, until the final code release…. View Article

Meet The Digitalians: Beatriz Gonzalez

By Kristen McCormick On Jan 19

In this edition of Meet the Digitalians, I chat with Beatriz Gonzalez from our Costa Rican office: Artist. Athlete. App developer. With hypersomnia…(I mean, her name has 3 z’s…) KM: Hey B! BG: Hey! KM: How was your weekend? Do anything good? BG: Ummm, I went to the beach? KM: Cool, me too. [#Lies #January… View Article

Three Project Pitfalls (And How To Avoid Them)

By Sean Fitzgibbons On Jan 05

This article was written by Sean Fitzgibbons, Director of Client Services at JD, as well as Massachusetts’ very own All-State Euphonium Player in the year 2000. We had to look it up too. Anyway…application development. After months of vetting vendors, you have found a development partner to build your application. It’s all smooth sailing from… View Article

Cover Your SaaS: Three Areas of Consideration Before Investing in Software as a Service

By Josh Collins, Technical Architect at JD On Dec 14

With the pace of today’s business environment, anything that can help us deliver more quickly or maintain less code is a welcome proposition. If these shortcuts can align us with industry standards and leading edge features, even better. Enter: software as a service (SaaS). With SaaS you can quickly add value with components across your… View Article

Meet the Digitalians: Kim Bridge

By Kristen McCormick On Dec 11

For issue 2 of the Meet the Janeiro Digitalians Series, I sit down with Project Director Kim Bridge to learn lessons on directing, dungeons, dragons, and digital life. KM: Okay so you’re a Project Director. What does that mean? KB: I act as a liaison between our clients and our teams. I make sure the team is… View Article

JD 2.0 – Thoughts from the Journey

By Jonathan Bingham On Oct 07

Introducing: Janeiro Digital 2.0! You can see our new look at And a reflection on the journey below.  Over the last few months we have been working tirelessly, not just in the day to day throes of a technology firm, but internally: at refining our messaging in a way that reflects who we are as… View Article

Get to Know: John Ediger

By Kristen McCormick On Aug 07

Marketing Manager Kristen McCormick gets the scoop on Front End Developer John Ediger KM: What’s the simple version of what you do?  JE: Building the visual aspects of a website, as opposed to business logic and storage. KM: The hi-tech version? JE: I work with AngularJS for the most part. KM: The fancy version? JE: I enable user interaction through… View Article

TechBreakfast Recap: We Demoed Axis Radius!

By Jonathan Bingham On Jul 22

Last week the Janeiro Digital team ventured over to the Microsoft New England Research and Development (NERD) Center in Cambridge for our first TechBreakfast. There was a fantastic turnout of around 100 people, and we were among the four lucky presenters demoing new products. It turns out we were in some pretty cool company. Kwambio… View Article

Boston TechBreakfast: Featuring Janeiro Digital


We’re excited to announce that tomorrow – Tuesday, July 14 – Janeiro Digital will be at Boston’s TechBreakfast showcasing our new application Axis Radius! In today’s society, we have all become dependent on some form of GPS. Whether we are driving or walking through a new city, the GPS has become a technological guardian angel… View Article

Janeiro Digital Gets Disruptive at Techweek 2015 Chicago

By John Hitchins On Jul 09

I recently attended TechWeek in Chicago (@TechweekCHI) June 22-28. I was very interested to see how this multi-faceted tech event could pull off encompassing a trade show, exchange forum, job fair, tech community networking event and opportunity for vendors to spend their marketing dollars to ply both the newbies as well as the savvy tech… View Article

What I learned at the Startup Institute

By Kristen McCormick On Jun 29

On June 1st, I jumped on board here at Janeiro Digital, joining its marketing team. Coming from a history of mental health counseling, non-profits, and office furniture, it’s safe to say that for me, Janeiro wasn’t just a career pivot.  It was a triple axel that landed me smack dab in the middle of the… View Article

The View From #BOSSOI: Innovation Goes Beyond Technology

By Kristen McCormick On Jun 22

The View From #BOSSOI: Innovation Goes Beyond Technology By: Kristen McCormick Last week I had the privilege of attending Bostinno’s Third Annual State of Innovation Forum (#BOSSOI) at the Westin Boston Waterfront. There were informative workshops, networking opportunities, and exciting panels, but perhaps most inspiring was the dynamic keynote presentation. Through a mix of speeches,… View Article

Superheroes in Full Force

By Jonathan Bingham On Jun 16

On March 4, after learning that 2.5 million children in the United States are homeless, we set a goal of raising $50,000 for the Boston-based non-profit Horizons for Homeless Children. On May 28, with the help of friends, family members, and colleagues, we raised almost $55,000 during the “Robin Hood and Horizons for Homeless” fundraiser… View Article

Robin Hood Crew Presents: A Night to Support Horizons for Homeless Children’s Food Program

By Jonathan Bingham On May 26

A simple tweet – that’s all it took. Back in March, Diane Hessan, CEO of the Startup Institute, took to Twitter to share a horrifying statistic that stopped me dead in my tracks: each year, 1 in 30 children in the United States are homeless. In 2013, this totaled 2.5 million children. This is certainly… View Article

The Apple Watch: Worth It?

By Jonathan Bingham On May 13

This blog originally appeared on Business 2 Community. Everyone is abuzz over the Apple Watch. Click through any general news site and you’re bound to find something about the beauty of the Apple Watch. Does it make sense to get one, though? Think of this: there have been countless iterations of the iPod, iPad and… View Article

Entrepreneurship: Do You Have What It Takes?

By Jonathan Bingham On May 04

Will you do what others won’t? Will you do what others think is crazy? People come to me with ideas all the time. Some are terrible, some quite amazing – ideas they feel will change the world. But, what does it take to reach this level? What are you willing to give? The idea is… View Article

A Conversation with Chris Boyce

By Jonathan Bingham On Apr 03

The rain may have been torrential, but that didn’t stop our thought leadership series (#drinksandthinks on Twitter) from continuing with Virgin Pulse CEO Chris Boyce. Held at the dynamic Life Is good headquarters, the who’s who of the Boston tech and wellness communities enjoyed networking, raffle prizes from Equinox, catering provided by b.good, and, of… View Article

Thought Leadership Series Welcomes Chris Boyce, Virgin Pulse

By Angela Chisholm On Mar 19

Mark your calendars, everyone! Thursday, March 26, we at Janeiro Digital are hosting the second event in our Thought Leadership Series. You may recall our inaugural event from last summer with Life is Good CEO Bert Jacobs – and how awesome it was. We’re thrilled to resurrect the series – this time featuring Chris Boyce,… View Article

SXSW – Worth a Launch?

By Jonathan Bingham On Mar 13

Some view the arrival of March as the first hope for springtime (especially here in Boston where we’re digging our way out of about 100 inches of snow). For those in the tech field, it’s a reminder that South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Festival is just around the corner, March 13-17. What started out 21… View Article

The Sharing Economy Series – Part 2

By Jonathan Bingham On Feb 24

In my last post I talked about how companies like Uber are contributing to the explosive growth of the sharing economy – and some of the hurdles it faces. As I mentioned, Uber isn’t the only one making waves. Airbnb, a site that allows hosts to offer up anything from a couch to their home… View Article

The Sharing Economy Series – Part 1

By Jonathan Bingham On Feb 12

In this three part series, we’ll analyze and question why some lawmakers and citizens are opposed to the business models that have created the Sharing Economy while others have embraced these companies and become avid fans and users. The sharing economy is best described by pairing excess, and in some cases unknown supply, with high demand…. View Article

CES: Should We Still Care?

By Justin Bingham On Jan 27

Let’s face it – the holidays are over. The presents have been opened, the carols have stopped, and Santa Claus has left local malls all across the globe and returned home to the North Pole. It’s true that all good things must come to an end. However, if you’re a tech connoisseur, the festivities continue… View Article

Gartner’s Technology Trends for 2015

By Justin Bingham On Dec 23

We’ve arrived at the cold winter months (at least in our hometown of Boston), and the end of another year. You know what that means – Michael Bublé Christmas specials on TV, long lines at the mall, and, of course, Gartner’s Top Ten Strategic Technology Trends for 2015. Every year, Gartner highlights trends with the… View Article

An Intro to RADD

By Jonathan Bingham On Dec 11

At Janeiro Digital, our ultimate goal is to help businesses better achieve their goals so they can in turn better serve their customers. To accomplish this, we sought an approach that was inventive and unique – something that makes Janeiro Digital stand out among the masses. That’s when we conceived RADD. For those of you… View Article

How Confident Are You In Your Solution?

By Jonathan Bingham On Sep 25

How Confident Are You In Your Solution? Don’t Get Caught Off Guard. Janeiro Digital solves the problems that keep you up at night. The ones that are so instrumental to the success of your organization that you must succeed in solving them. These are opportunities for organizations to really fall in love with a vendor…. View Article

An Afternoon with Life is Good.

By Jonathan Bingham On Aug 18

What better way to kick off our thought leadership series than with a discussion lead by the CEO of Life is good Bert Jacobs.  The goal of the series is to give entrepreneurs and operators a unique perspective into the challenges, motivations and operational hurdles and successes that have have paved the way for our… View Article

The New Janeiro Digital

By Jonathan Bingham On Aug 13

Janeiro Digital set out seven years ago to bridge the gap between business ideas and technical solutions.  Over the years our work in application development has driven the innovative thinking of our organization.  We’ve been fortunate to work with many tremendous companies, helping their technology goals come to life. As we have grown both in… View Article

8 Ingredients for Crafting a Service Level Agreement

By Sean Fitzgibbons On Aug 13

Whether augmenting your current development team or leveraging 3rd party vendor resources for application management, a clearly defined service level agreement  (SLA) is a key to the success of your engagement. SLAs have traditionally applied to IT service providers (e.g. guaranteeing performance, uptime, incident reporting & responses) but the fundamentals can be adapted to apply… View Article

Inline Support For The Win – Part 1

By Justin Bingham On Aug 13

“Exceptional and Personalized Support Turns Casual Consumers into Brand Advocates.” I landed my first job in the tech industry in the late nineties right around the same time I got my drivers license. I started in tech support at a regional ISP – managing dial-up access, virtual hosts, shell accounts, and dedicated/colocated servers. We were… View Article

The UX Roadmap

By Tony Morelli On Aug 13

The road to a designing a great product is often paved in revisionary red ink. Over the years, I have found that the UX/UI design process can be streamlined if we break down the silo between UX & UI, and together strive to do things the right way, the first time through. By blending techniques… View Article